Prestige Flagstone Pavers

There are three basic projects that you can undertake with flagstone pavers: you can use them as patio stones, for walkways, or for driveways. Each project is built up the same way, using the same steps: measuring the area, buying the correct amount of pavers or patio stone, leveling off the area for the project, setting the stone, and finishing off with a setting to keep it in place.

Using flagstone can be a great way to do some landscaping the lasts a long time. When done properly it can outlast you, your home, and ask the Mayans about how it can outlast a civilization. Too soon? I think we'll focus more on the present by looking at increasing your curb appeal, and finding more uses for your yard and living space.

To begin a patio, walkway, or driveway project you have to start with measuring the area you want to cover. Grab some tent stakes and string and mark off the area before measuring to give yourself a clearly defined space. You can now take this measurement and go to your local supplier of flagstones so that an associate can help you pick out the best stones for your space. flagstone paver in Petersburg, TX. flagstone paver in Petersburg, TX. They will have the best ability to gauge the size, thickness, type, and number of flagstones you will need to complete your particular project. If the store you choose doesn't have knowledgeable staff you simply need to go to another store. A surface area for all the stones together will be matched up with the surface area to be covered in the measurements you took to get you the correct amount of flagstone. Once you have them picked out be sure to have some paver sand ready, and a hand tamper.

Now level off the area by digging down deep enough to have room for your base layer of sand and for the thickness of your stones to be below ground so that they sit flush with the ground. Stones and pavers that stick out are potential trip hazards that can cause accidents. You don't need them ruining your next party. Once the area is dug out you can use that hand tamper to level off the area to prepare it for the first layer of base sand. This layer of sand will be used to help give the flagstone a place to settle into and stay level and free from rocking. Pun intended.

With the sand base down you can now start laying out your stones, starting from the middle and working to the edges. With flagstone pavers you will likely get a good and tight fit, but some slight variation is expected. Once you have completed the easier said than done task of laying out all the stones, take a walk over them to be sure they all sit flush and do not rock. In areas where they do add more sand and get them flush that way. Once it is all settled, sweep sand into the cracks to finish off your project with flagstone pavers.